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The recipient may use the value of the Award solely to save on hotel stays, subject to the terms and conditions found. Upon activation, you may use your Hotel Cash Card to enjoy discounts in designated amounts on hotel bookings made through the Website. The remaining balance after the Hotel Savings are applied must be paid with a major credit card or debit card.


​Global Solutions, LLC shall not be liable for any loss, cancellation costs, delays, irregularities, accidents, injuries, damage to persons or property, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, arising from, or in conjunction with, any of these services. Global Solutions, LLC will not assume any responsibility and shall not be liable for delays, cancellations or interruptions due to nature, strikes, Acts of God, acts of war or terrorism, and other acts beyond its control. This promotion will be offered throughout the U.S.; however, it is void where prohibited by law and where state regulation and/or licensing requirements have not been met. Global Solutions, LLC is registered with the state of Florida as sellers of travel. Global Solutions, LLC registered Florida Seller of Travel Registration # ST39282.


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